Mortgage Modifications – The Dirt the Mortgage Loan Mod Companies Would Like to Hide

So here you are. You are in a sticky financial situation and due to recent hardships; you would like to change the terms or your loan. What do you do, you call or do a search for a mortgage modification company.

Guess what the rep tells you when you contact them! You have to pay anywhere from $1500 – $5000 for them to go to bat for you. Guess what else! Many of them do not even have a guarantee of the end result NOR will they give you your money back if they cannot perform on your behalf. Garbage I say!


Here is what they do not want you to know.


Just a mere two to three years ago, they had no idea how to modify a loan. Beyond that, they were probably working as a loan officer and were instructed to tell customers that asked about a mod that the bank did not offer that service.  


So how did all the people that are doing mortgage mods learn how to do it?


1.       They were either coached personally how to do it by someone that had a good working knowledge on the successful execution of a change in terms on a home loan.




2.       They learned from a book or training manual. Basically, if you can follow instructions, you have as good a chance of succeeding as any of these companies do. Seriously, 6 months ago or a year or two ago many of these folks had no idea how to do it. 


The bottom line is this; you do not need to pay thousands of dollars to modify your mortgage loan. You CAN do it yourself.