Sample Foreclosure Letter – Best Letter Formats For a Foreclosure Letter

Foreclosure Letter is one that is to be written by the homeowner and submitted to the mortgage company for a plea to avoid foreclosure. This is the form of first communication on your behalf . It must comprise of all the problems you are facing and their reasons. The financial excuse serves as the right plea. The company considers your case fit for a ‘work out’ only on the behalf of this letter.

Sample Foreclosure Letters:

Sample letter # 1

Jack Smith

911 Anywhere Street

Somewhere town, State 12345

Ph.: 123789234, [email protected]

Adam Jones

Some Town Lender

911 Anywhere Street

Somewhere town, State 12345

Loan Number: 1125647 Loan Modification

Today’s Date

Dear Mr. Jones,

I request you to grant me an opportunity of loan modification as I am running behind in my mortgage payments.

The route cause of the lapse is the sudden death of my wife. She was employed well enough, and her death has reduced my earnings to half. Besides, I could not pay much attention to the financial issues owing to the emotional setback. I guess I won’t be able to pay the total mortgage in the current monthly payments. I intend to pay them but do not have the resources.

Kindly grant me a temporary reduction or a suspension of the payments just for a few months. I shall balance the finances in this time lap. I request you to help me as this house holds immense emotional value for me. Hence, I indeed insist to save the foreclosure. Kindly, advise me on all the possible options available at the earliest convenience. I am anxious to reach to an agreement and would appreciate a prompt response.

Yours respectfully

Jack Smith

Signature of Jack Smith

Loan No.: 1125647

Address: 911 Anywhere Street, Some Where town, State 12345

Ph.: 123789234, [email protected]

Sample letter # 2

Mona Jones

911 Anywhere Street

Some Where town, State 12345

Ph.: 123789234, [email protected]

Shalga Morne

Some Town Lender

911 Anywhere Street

Somewhere town, State 12345

Loan Number: 1125647 Loan Modification

Today’s Date

Dear Ms. Morne,

I hereby apologize for the default in my mortgage payments. I have suddenly lost my job and so can not manage the income. I request you to consider my case for a work out.

The factory I worked in accidentally got burnt down. Now the owners have declared bankruptcy. Since last 2 months, I have not got my salary. I’m trying for the job else where but they require some papers for the legal issues. My employers have yet not issued those documents. Hence, I am not able to fetch a job. The crisis would get resolved in 2-3 months.

I request you to consider my case for a temporary reduction or the suspension of my payments just for a few months. I shall get back on track in this time. I am keen to avoid the foreclosure. Please, help me with all applicable options for the same. I’m anxious to get on an agreement. I shall wait for the earliest response.

Yours respectfully

Mona Jones

Signature of Mona Jones

Loan No.: 1125647

Address: 911 Anywhere Street, Some Where town, State 12345

Ph.: 123789234, [email protected]

Leasing-Planning for First-time Apartment Rental Expenses

Either you are downsizing, relocating to another city or just ready to move out of your parent’s home and you’ve realized that saving solely for the apartment deposit and credit check fee isn’t going to allow you to rent that trendy apartment you have been eyeing online. That’s usually because first time renters have concentrated solely on the apartment rental expense and do not realize that there are many first-time costs they haven’t calculated in their apartment search budget. While some items may vary, depending on the city and regional area you have chosen, the following worksheet lists some of the most common up-front costs.

Up-Front Expenses

    Credit Check fee for apartment application $_____

    Deposit for apartment $_____

    Deposit for pets (if any) $_____

    Deposit for electric service $_____

    Deposit for gas service $_____

    Deposit for telephone service $_____

    Installation fee for cable TV or internet service $_____

    First month’s rent on apartment $_____

    Moving Costs $_____

    Total Up-front Expenses $_____

While these up-front costs will cover getting you into the apartment, you will need to also come up with some money to equip your apartment with the furniture, household items and food staples that will make living in your new place possible–especially if the apartment is unfurnished. Sleeping on the floor, eating fast food on paper plates and having no place to sit will get old very fast!

To reduce your expenses, you might want to consider buying used furniture at thrift stores or yard sales or maybe getting a few furniture donations from relatives. If you have the financial resources, then estimate what you will be spending on furniture for each room.

The following worksheet, will help calculate your furnishing costs.

Move-In Expenses

    Furniture for 1 or 2 bedroom apartment $______

    Small kitchen appliances (blender,microwave, etc.) $______

    Dishes, pots and pans, flatware $______

    Household items (bedspread, towels, rugs) $______

    Kitchen paper goods and toiletries $______

    Cleaning supplies (mop, broom, household cleaners) $______

    Food (including first-time staples & condiments) $______

    Total Move-in Expenses $______

You will need to add both totals to get a clear picture of what your expenses will be. Some of those expenses can be spread out over a few months; however, you should be aware of what to expect. If you spend the time planning ahead, it will pay off with a much more realistic picture of what your budget can handle, no “sticker shock” worries and enjoying your new place.

How I Successfully Organized My Own Eviction Services

You might have been putting up with a problematic tenant for quite some time now, and wish to get rid of the notorious person. There’s no denying the fact that these things are easier said than done. Evicting a tenant out of your house isn’t that easy as you might think it to be. The success of the entire project depends on your efficiency, planning, and judicious decisions. Landlords need to take the initiative, walk a mile ahead, and organize the entire process before it gets too late. While professional services are always there to help you, self-help is more important!

Learning to organize

Property evictions are elaborate and critical. Disorganized actions won’t help you in this regard. As an ingenious and wise landlord, you must take all the important factors into account. After analyzing and assessing these aspects, it will be high time to take the right decisions. Planning and organization are highly important. Even if you have professional Eviction Services by your side, you should learn to organize.

What to do?

A majority of landlords have this question. Renting out your house, apartment, or condominium seems to be easier than vacating it. The entire process involves a lot of processes such as legal formalities, technicalities, and documentation. You can’t ignore any aspect as that will affect the overall procedures. The leading companies offering Eviction Services have extensive experience. They will help you plan effectively and make sure everything falls into place. Breeze through the following tips and find out how they can help you:

1. Take the legal way

When it comes to evicting a tenant, verbal orders or requests won’t work. If you are dealing with a notorious one, things will become tougher than ever. Seek legal help and prepare the documentations first. Issue the expulsion notice and don’t do anything that’s against the law. Your tenants should get adequate time to vacate your property.

2. Know the laws

Basic knowledge of tenancy rights and property ownerships are highly important in this context. You should have a crystal clear idea of the legal procedures. Under what circumstances and which grounds can you ask your tenants to leave? Are they creating a ruckus in the neighborhood or inflicting damage on your property? Finding answers to these questions will be important.

3. Access to judicial resources

You might want to associate with professional eviction companies. However, it is imperative to check whether they have access to legal resources or not. The leading service providers will always come up with impressive results in this context. The following laws will let you know their service efficiencies:

· 3-day notice services

· 5-day notice services

· 7-day notice services

· 30-day tenancy deals

· Abandonment notices

· Unlawful detention

Signing off

Filing an expulsion case and identifying its merits isn’t easy. Unmatched expertise happens to be the prime requisite in this context. It is always better to build associations with the reputed service providers who can extend professional support to clients. Since planning and organizing are two of the most important tasks, make sure you seek professional assistance and execute them perfectly!

5 Secret Steps of the Bonded Promissory Note Under UCC and Other Federal Law

The bonded promissory note pays your debts and creates debt for you under U.C.C. and other Federal Law. You already know that your mortgage promissory note and mortgage contract got you into debt when you purchased your home or commercial property, so we will concentrate on the secrets of the bonded promissory note to get you out of debt in the following article. The secrets are:

  1. Knowing the bonded promissory note law is most important.
  2. Filing the complete U.C.C.1 information is the key
  3. Knowing your bond number is crucial
  4. Knowing who to make the bonded promissory note out to is very important
  5. Knowing the judicial side will get you home or commercial mortgage and note debt free

All the products of the economic system are pre-paid by virtue of public policy Law (P.L 73-10), which no longer exists constitutionally, article 8 and 10, authorizing gold and silver money to “pay” at law with. You have the right to discharge any debt public or private since June, 1933. The bonded promissory note can be used to offset any debt. The IRS recognizes bonds as a form of payment. The instrument tendered to the bank and negotiated to the United States Treasury for settlement is an “Obligation of THE UNITED STATES, BANKRUPTCY” under Title 18 USC Sect.8, representing a “certificate of indebtedness… drawn upon an authorized officer of the United States”, and in this case, the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury.

When you file a complete UCC1 financial statement consisting of about 24 pages, you are the Debtor as well as the Creditor of everything you now own or will own in the future. This UCC1 form is recorded with your Secretary Of State and is then public record. This gives you control of your value and property as the executor and administrator of your straw man corporate entity under the HJR 192 law. This is a very important step in the bonded promissory note debt relief process and should not be left out.

The bond behind it started when you were born and birthed, as a ship at dock, under maritime law, then the State issued you an original certificate that is kept in your State Capitol, like a Bill of Lading, or ship’s cargo, that has your bond number series on it in red either on the front of back. This is your bond number(s) with your State and Federal Government, along with your social Security Number, that gives your Straw Man in all capital letters, under Public Policy mandated by 73-10, HJR 192, where the government of the United States took away your gold/silver backing of the currency making it impossible to “pay” at law for anything that makes the bonded promissory note possible for paying your debts. The government seized the gold in 1933, and now must pay the bills for us according to public law HJR 192. It is your very inability to pay at law as a result of this executive order that gives you the ability/authority to demand that the items be treated as pre-paid using the bonded promissory note and/or Bill of Exchange which are considered money under UCC Article 2.

You must make your bonded promissory note to the right person or entity. This depends if you are in mortgage foreclosure or current with your bills. Example: If you make it out to the foreclosing attorney in hopes that it will get to the bank, you just gave the attorney thousands of dollars and your mortgage will be foreclosed on, because the bank did not receive your paid in full tendered payment.

You then must go to court on the judicial side to get your home or commercial mortgage and note debt free and acknowledged by the banks and the world. This is done through a quiet title law suit where you are the plaintiff and the party being harmed.

All 5 steps are mandatory in order to use the bonded promissory note to pay all your debts. This should enable you to be debt free as under Public Policy 73-10, HJR 192, the straw man law of 1933.